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A 4th generation Richmonder, Rae grew up in Church Hill and is proud to be representing the community that raised her in the Virginia House of Delegates. Elected to represent the 79th District in 2023, Rae is committed to building a Virginia where working families can thrive.


Public service has always been very important in Rae's family – her mom was a Richmond Public School elementary teacher and her dad served in the workforce development field for over 35 years. Active in the community, Rae’s parents worked tirelessly to advocate for affordable housing and stronger educational programs.


Social justice issues were a frequent topic of conversation in Rae’s house as a child, and she would often sneak downstairs to listen to spirited debates between her parents, grandfather, uncles, and family friends. Rae was inspired to become a lawyer and fight for equal justice when she watched “Eyes on the Prize,” a documentary about key figures in the Civil Rights Movement, and learned about the role that attorneys played in securing rights for Black Americans. 


Rae graduated from The College of William & Mary, then attended Howard University School of Law. Rae chose Howard because of the school’s commitment to encouraging and preparing students to be social engineers for change. 

Since graduating, Rae has worked at BrownGreer, a local law firm in Richmond, where she manages the administration of multi-million- and billion-dollar settlement programs for people injured by harmful drugs and medical devices and environmental disasters. She has worked on programs including the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Settlement Program and the PG&E Fire Victim Trust, to ensure those harmed receive the resources they deserve to rebuild their lives.  


Rae has a passion for voter registration, particularly the restoration of rights for individuals with felony convictions. She worked on voter registration during President Obama’s campaign. As the 3rd Vice Chair for the Richmond City Democratic Committee, Rae organized voter registration drives throughout the city. Rae has helped lead efforts for the Democratic Party of Virginia’s voter protection program and as an election protection lawyer at the polls. 


Rae was inspired to run for the House of Delegates to advocate for her community and do her part to leave a legacy for her daughter that is not tainted by the issues that have persisted since she was a child.

In the Virginia House of Delegates, Rae is powerful advocate for her community and is working to effect change in Richmond and beyond. In her first legislative session, Rae introduced bills focused on education, food insecurity, housing, criminal justice reform, maternal health, and workforce development. She serves on the House Courts of Justice, Public Safety, and Education committees.

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